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What To Look For In Paint Sprayers

Paint Sprayers

When considering a new paint sprayer purchase, what are some things that you should be looking for? For one, a paint sprayer should be made by a high quality manufacturer. Going with a bargain brand will mean nothing but trouble.

Wagner makes great paint sprayers and are affordable enough for most peoples budgets. You can find paint sprayers like the Wagner Power Painter for around $ 200. Here are some elements to look for in a new paint sprayer:

  • Variable Air Pressure Settings – This creates less overspray when it comes to loading the sprayer with thin liquidsHigh volume/low pressure – This is the way the industry is headed in terms of paint sprayer manufacturing
  • Around 20 feet of hose length – This gives you substantial room to move around and get into otherwise hard to reach areas
  • Multiple Spray Pattern Options – This will give you different patterns to choose from instead of being locked into just one
  • Flow Control – Variable settings will allow you to control the amount of liquid flow you use
  • Air filters – Air filters prevent dust from marring the surface of the objects you’re painting

Overall, paint sprayers are great for the great majority of tasks you throw at it. They can be loaded with paints, stains, and liquid clear finishes that can make your projects a breeze. You’ll accomplish a lot more with a paint sprayer than you ever would with a paint brush and bucket of paint alone. As a matter of fact, the amount of time it takes to complete a job with a paint sprayer is miniscule compared to painting on your own.

What kind of jobs are paint sprayers good for? Painting decks, walls, ceilings, your home, fences, and even more! Paint sprayers work fantastically well to cover large areas when a simple paint brush is too small to get the job done. In terms of project management, paint sprayers are great to save you tons of time. There are high pressure/low volume sprayers, low pressure/high volume sprayers, airless sprayers, airless spray paint rollers, diaphragm paint sprayers, and more.

Choosing which paint sprayer is right for you will depend on the project/projects at hand. Usually, a high volume/low pressure sprayer is a suitable paint sprayer for most jobs. They cause very little splash back and are overall very good units to own.